About Us

I thought it might be an appropriate introduction to who we are by showing you a photo of our arses simultaneously hitting the water in a demonstration of elegance and diving finesse.

It sets the tone for how I plan this blog to be written. It is a travel focussed site, with a less holistic and more realistic angle. If you are expecting perfectly posed shots of us doing yoga on sun drenched beaches, then I’m afraid this might not be the blog for you. Neither of us look that good in a bikini, and I for one haven’t been able to touch my toes since 1986. The intention is to share a good read, fun stories with some useful travel info that we can pass onto you all.

Who are we?

My name is Bel and I’ll be the writer and maintainer of this blog, and my partner Px, chef, restauranteur and professional eater & drinker, is the inspiration behind where and what we eat whilst on our travels or even just at home in good ol’ London.

We are very lucky to be able to travel regularly and when we do we fill our days to the max, often seeking out the obvious tourist sights,  restaurants and street food stalls, hence “The Box Tickers”, and in doing so we often stumble across the more unusual. This is where the stories lie.

We both dive, so there will often be posts purely about diving, or messing about on boats in general. And we both have a background in street food, so there will be a lot of eating while standing up, or sitting on tiny plastic stools.

The blog posts are the stories of our experiences, and where we’ve ticked a box, either where to eat, or an activity to note, the details of such will be linked to further information for you to follow up.

We hope you enjoy the posts!

Bel & Px


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