About Me…

My name is Bel, I’m 51 and making huge changes in my life.

As I write this in May 2022, I am editing my blog intro from About Us to About Me… as my life project is now a solo one. Hey these things happen, so if you look back on the previous posts they invariably involve two of us, eating and drinking and exploring the world one bite at a time, ticking those foodie and touristy boxes with panache!

My now ex husband has chosen not to continue our journey together so I am forging ahead with a new life, just me and my dog.

This new life includes a new location to live! I have recently moved from London to Ontinyent in Spain, and these latest posts will be about that move, how I am picking up the pieces after a relationship break up and moving my entire life and a slightly feisty dog overseas where I need to build a new social life, learn a new language and work out what the hell my future holds!

I also have a YouTube channel “Do Keep Up” a video diary of the actual move and my settling into this new life. This blog will include those moments but will also dive a bit deeper into the bigger topics of women in their 50’s making big changes in their lives, and how we evolve and actually become even greater than before!

Enjoy the videos and lets explore our fabulous life after 50! 


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