Water water everywhere…

If there is a God, and there clearly isn’t, you’d have thought he would have done a better job with the water distribution across the planet. He’s really cocked that one up. While other countries are starving & in drought, this one has more than it needs and most of it is unusable, you really don’t want to drink this stuff.

Writing this on the 3hr ferry trip from Ha Tien on the Cambodia/Vietnam border, to Phu Quoc island. We crossed the border in a rather haphazard fashion of a series of buses, dodgy security checks, zero concern for our visa status, and racing for a ferry that left 15 minutes before we arrived at the port.

With the next ferry leaving in 3hrs, not much else to do but hook up with a gnarly old Kiwi pearl fisher and an Aussie electrician with a year off, and drink the travel company’s fridge dry of beer.

I’m writing this while sitting by the pool in Siem Reap Cambodia, where it’s pelting rain and sunshine simultaneously in equal measure! Px & I have performed like true Brits by playing water volley ball in the torrential rain.

It was good to get back into a city again after rural Bagan, and our bus driver wasted no time getting us to Mandalay almost an hour earlier than scheduled. A hairy 6hr journey of horns and over taking on bum numbing seats, whilst enduring clinically life threatening hangovers, meant it wasn’t the most enjoyable trip we’ve ever taken.

Autumn 2017 allowed us the luxury of spending 9 weeks in SE Asia. Having missed out on the gap year culture, we are now in a position, 20 yrs on,  where Px can leave his businesses running themselves and I, having closed my business a few months ago, am currently leading a charmed life of travel and low level gluttony! The first series of posts will be entirely about our travels across 7 countries of Asia, and will include lots of foodie boxes ticked and all the classic sites visited and some surprises on the way.